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Tradition and continuity

ADIDAC COMIMPEX is a company established in 1994 specialized in the production of sorghum brooms and brush tails, brooms and mops. It started as a family business, and today offers a stable job for more than 50 employees.

Adidac currently offers the largest production of sorghum brooms on the market European and the highest quality brush strokes, brooms and mops. Our prices are among the most competitive due to our own production of most raw materials.

We are the only factory in Europe that ensures a large part of its production by cultivating and exploiting sorghum for a constant supply, but also its own production of tails that enter the process of making brooms.

Quality and market sales

Over time, we have learned that the customer relationship is our ability to deliver the desired products in the shortest possible time and at a quality we can be proud of when the product comes out of the factory. These combined things lead to an increase in the relationship with the business partner and an increase in sales on both sides.

In order to do everything possible to offer the desired confidence to potential customers, both in terms of quality and the origin of the raw material, we have obtained quality certification ISO 9001, respectively FSC® FSC-C116025 to attest the fact that all the wood processed by us is properly managed, and resources are used optimally.

Look for our FSC® -certified products

Our main customers are large chain stores and large retailers in Germany, the United Kingdom and Switzerland, about 75% of our own production being allocated to exports, the remaining 25% being distributed in the country.

Adidac's efforts and steady growth was noted by Capital magazine, which in 2015 wrote an article about it.
Article Adidac - Capital Magazine .

Transport and packaging

The transport part of the products can be done in several ways depending on the customer's wish:

EXW - The goods are prepared at the factory warehouse and subsequently picked up by the customer. It can be taken both in bulk and on pallets, depending on the space available for loading, but also on the allocated budget.

CIP platform download - At a main warehouse from where the partners manage and distribute their goods at will between the work points. It can be delivered in bulk, pallets of 220 pieces / pallet or double pallets of 500 pieces / pallets - Valid anywhere in Europe.

CIP each workstation / individual store - In the same way, the transport can be done individually for each store, depending on its supply needs. The goods can be delivered palletized with 220 pieces / pallet or double pallets with 500 pieces / pallet. Valid only in Romania (special requirements can be negotiated for foreign stores, depending on their location).

Each broom model is packed in bundles of 10 units / bundle. This facilitates their handling and at the same time facilitates their storage in smaller spaces.

Optionally, a protective foil can be added on the broom, which will provide protection against creasing and better resistance to storage on the shelf, giving a more commercial look to the final product. Also in order to increase the commercial aspect, our brooms are engraved with our own brand, thus giving the product a much higher confidence and presentability.


We align with Excellence before selecting each piece of wood to be picked up and processed carefully so that the final product reaches its maximum potential.

Find out the answers
the most frequently asked questions

What is the process of making tails?

The tree trunks are cleaned and placed in the factory, and the specialized equipment will fragment them in such a way that they can be transformed into tails of several sizes. After finishing, the appropriate thread is added and they are cosmeticized so that their surface is smooth, then they are ready for transport.

What about wood waste?

Nimic nu se pierde, totul se transformă!

The wood waste resulting from the manufacturing process of the wooden tails is transformed into fuel. We have a special space for this operation, where the wood that remains after the manufacture of the tails is processed and transformed into pellets.

What are pellets?

In short, pellets are solid fuels that meet the new requirements of using clean energy and regenerative , in the form of small pencils (with a diameter between 2-12 mm and an average length of 3-5 cm), with a humidity below 8%, but a calorific value of about 4500kcal / kg. Pellets are today the hottest home heating alternative.

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